Knicks vs. Bucks (Game 15) Preview

Knicks Look to Pounce as Jackson Misses Bus and Game

The Knicks will tonight face the struggling Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden, looking to start the climb out of the sub-500 zone of the NBA.

The Bucks, like the Knicks, thought they had made enough off-season moves to at least improve on last year but so far, this hasn’t panned out for the Bucks, and, as we know, things aren’t looking to good in New York.

Stephen Jackson is the man Milwaukee brought in to lead them back to the playoffs but so far, he has been disappointing. Averaging only 13.7 points per game and shooting just 37% (29% from three), he has had a pretty woeful start in Milwaukee.

Jackson’s infamous “hot-head” attitude has already gotten him into trouble and he will miss today’s game as a result of missing the team bus on Friday – a day after shooting 0-6 in Denver.

Milwaukee’s problems for a second seem to eclipse those of our Knicks but, considering the expectations, what we are witnessing in New York is a lot worse. It really is shocking that the team is two games under .500, almost a quarter of the way into the season.

Improvements need to be made, and soon.

Tonight should be the start, with the Knicks not having to face Jackson, but it seems that I’m repeating these words night in and night out. They just need to go out there and do it.

It shouldn’t be too long now until Baron Davis makes his much-awaited debut but, for now, victories are scarce and need to be found in games like this. Look for a bounce-back game for Amar’e stoudemire and a typical high-scoring performance from Carmelo Anthony, against the team whom he faced in his own Knicks debut last year.


Final Score: Knicks 101 – 87 Bucks

Top Scorer: Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) – 31