Lakers Fire Mike Brown. Mike Dantoni and Phil Jackson lead as the next head coach.It doesn’t matter as Kobe’s reign is done. WELCOME THE MELO MVP ERA!

 What a difference a year makes. Please LA.. hire Mike Dantoni…..see how long he lasts.

Does Kobe need to hear “Let’s Go” or hear Phil Jackson’s trianular offensive talk? Neither! 

Asking a 1-4  squad that’s old (Gasol, Antawn Jamison, Metta World Peace), less-than-100-percent (Howard) or both (Kobe and Nash) wouldn’t seem to be the best solution. Inherent in the job description of any Lakers head coach, Mike Brown or otherwise, is a mandate to keep the team’s stars fit and energized for a deep playoff push.

Not exactly something to which sprinting up the hardwood is conducive.

Keep in mind, too, that pushing the pace under D’Antoni requires depth. Without a reliable bench on which the coach can lean, those in the rotation are likely to be depended on so heavily as to leave them all depleted, if not ground to a pulp, by season’s end.

And last I checked, the Laker’s bench has one of the worst benches in the NBA ( Opting, as the Lakers have done, for the top-heaviness of a Fab Four can only afford a team so much leeway to build depth.

As a result, the Purple and Gold must count on the likes of Jamison, Steve Blake, Devin Ebanks, Jordan Hill and Jodie Meeks (not exactly star power) to fill in the gaps when Kobe, Nash, Gasol and Howard aren’t on the floor.

Not exactly a recipe for success if your team needs to shuffle guys in and out of the game.

Well it’s the Knicks time to shine. Tonight they will go 4-0 on their way to a 12-0 start. Suddenly the Knicks are no longer the joke of the NBA but the feared team to beat! We are both the Hunter and Hunted.  Expect another blowout Knick win at the Garden tonight. My, my things have changed.