Lin To The Rescue?

Jeremy LinWill Jeremy Lin Save The Day?With the injuries to Iman Shumpert and Amare Stoudemire, it appears the Knicks are in need of a “Mission Linpossible” at the moment. After an exhausting full-court game of three-on-three Lin told reporters he hoped to be back in the line-up by game 4 on Sunday.

If Lin can cut and penetrate, he will bring an added dimension and weapon to the team even if he is not at full strength and speed.  However, memories of the Heat’s last defensive clamp down on Lin — he was doubled early and often and forced to his left — should figure prominently in how the Knicks would prepare to incorporate Lin into the series.   Lin is in a difficult spot returning at this point from a knee injury and might do better just to sit this one out. There is no way he can match the speed of the Heat on defense, although he might be much better than his teammates at controlling the tempo with the ball in his hand.

Some believe it is worth a try for JLin to give it a go in what has been a tough series for the Knicks thus far.  They wonder aloud how things can get much worse for the beloved NY Knicks, but if Lin is hurt, they can get much worse.

Still the likelihood of seeing Lin before the playoff series is over is highly unlikely. Although, the medical staff seemed encouraged by his progress in warm-ups but he then complained of soreness in the knee.