Linsanity Graces The Cover Of Time Magazine

Jeremy Lin and Linsanity on the Cover of Time

Linsanity is moving at the speed of light throughout the world.  It is moving os fast that it is nearly impossible to keep up with the daily exponential increase in popularity and attention being placed upon our young point guard who is handling it all with grace and class.   With the NBA’s image tarnished by the heated lockout, it may have seemed that it would take years to repair the damage.  Yet, in one fell swoop and several penetration lay-ups of good fortune, David Stern must feel as though he is dreaming.  New fans, the world over, are flocking to the NBA as they follow the trail of one of the best feel good stories of the year.  Now Lin graces the cover of one of the biggest international mags around — Time Magazine.  If his transformation ot the Knicks continues to go like this perhaps he will be on the cover twice this year — the next time as Man Of The Year.  LOL!!!  You go Lin.