Lives Retires

Knicks Fanatics writer and admin Lives In New Jersey Loves New York, aka Lives, announced his retirement from Knicks blog writing.  Lives released his decision not to write articles for Knicks Fanatics in a written statement:

“I’d like to thank all the Fanatics, many of whom have become personal firends for allowing me to serve as one of the leaders on a fantastic blog about my favorite teams.  Unfortunately, due to personal priorities, all of which are good, and thebelief that I will be unable to sustain the level of excellence throughout the season which we all havee enjoyed, I am compelled to retire from writing and managing other activities for the blog.  

It has been an absoulute pleasure watching and dicussing the Knicks with you guys.  Despite my retirement, I promise that the administration will continue to provide you an opportunity to enjoy your team and the blog fellowship through regular articles and live blogs.  

If any of you need to get to me, you know where I am, just an e-mail away.

Peace and Blessings,