The ass that cost NY the Bucks game?

This offense is not conducive to Melo’s skill set. The point guard and power forward are the main DNA of MDA. Melo is basically relegated to being a role player in the offense. Melo isn’t a catch and shoot guy.
Notes from the last Mav’s game.The ball stayed on one side of the floor at least 4 possessions in a row. Melo didn’t even touch the rock. Melo doesn’t have to shoot every time down but he at least needs to touch the rock to get in some sort of rhythm. 

To show you a difference of offensive philosophy, let’s look at the last game we played against Dallas.
Dirk was 1-9 at the end of the 1st half but the Mavs kept giving it to him every time down just to get him in rhythm.  Low and behold he started to get a rhythm.  

We are the only team I note that don’t feature our best players in our offense. Everyone is on the same level in the offense. And we as fans and the media can’t have it both ways. When we win its the team when we lose its the superstars fault. 

My only thing to Melo is you sir have to play better. Forget what the media writes and play your game. You can tell he doesn’t want to shoot too much because of the fear of being labeled “selfish”. 
Play your game, if you’re going to struggle at least do it knowing your out there being yourself. But I’m not worried they will get it together.

BTW….  if that really nice azz that JR tweeted about is truly the reason why we lost the Bucks game, than blame no other than the ADMIN of this blog for giving JR such ideas. Check out our photos of the LBE’S when we are losing badly. JR was trying to raise team moral.