Melo, Stat, Knicks Make Us Smile With First Win In 14 Playoff Games


The Knicks were faced with a true test of character going into Game 4 of the series against Miami and my NY Knicks passed with flying colors. The Knicks were able to prevent the series sweep and end the thirteen game playoff losing streak. The Knicks won Game 4, 89 – 87, ensuring our season will last at least one more game, going back to Miami for Game 5.

Stoudemire was unexpectedly able to suit up for Game 4 and he set the tone for the Knicks very early in the game with some good hustle play. He was playing as if he knew he had disappointed the fans with his moment of stupidity and he was out to make a statement in Game 4, and the statement was indeed made. New York played with intensity and inspiration but went into halftime down by six points, 38 – 44.

In the 3rd quarter the Knicks were able to come from an 11 points deficit and the fans got behind the team, shouting, “Beat the Heat!!! Beat the Heat!!!” The Knicks had led in the 1st quarter, struggled in the 2nd quarter and began to rally in the 3rd quarter.

When we look at the 4th quarter, a certain name comes to mind, “CARMELO ANTHONY”. There was no shot that Anthony couldn’t have made, no matter who was guarding him, he was not stopped and the Heat had no answer for the sharp shooter. The Heat was given a lifeline late in the 4th with crucial free throw misses that allowed Miami back in the game. The Heat with 12 seconds on the clock and the ball in D-Wade’s hand had a great opportunity to end the series. The Knicks defense stood firm and were able to force Wade into taking a low percentage shot which he missed to the joy of everyone in Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks needed the win and they truly deserved it. Anthony had 41 points, 15 of 29 from the field in the game and played a major role in ensuring we will have at least one more game to see our beloved Knicks.