New Nets guard Jerry Stackhouse thinks the Knicks made the right move by not bringing back Jeremy Lin.

Stackhouse, an 18-year NBA veteran, said in a video interview on that the Rockets’ three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet was too much to match “for a guy that’s only played 25 games for you.” 

Stackhouse, who will be playing for Brooklyn this coming season, believes the Rockets might grow to regret the finances of the deal, too. “I think it’s too much, I think they’re gonna look back three years from now and say we maybe could have used this to go out and get another player,” Stackhouse said. … “I think it’s going to hamper them.” Stackhouse also stated he feels that Raymond Felton, is a much better point guard then Lin is currently.  Stackhouse is not alone, as players around the league have privately voiced the same sediment.  JR Smith openly stated Lin’s contract would cause tension in the locker-room. This all goes to show that Lin’s rise to fame may also quickly flame out.  Every guard in the league will try to humiliate him due to his contract and being jealous of it. LIN got his payday. 
Time will tell if it was worth it. Just Blogging…….