2012-09-28 Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Abdul Wallace (born September 17, 1974) just turned 38 years old last week. Many sources including the post are reporting that Sheed will officially sign with the Knicks this Monday.  Some will say he’s “washed up” others will cheer this move. Make no mistake. a healthy 15-20 per game Rasheed can help the Knick go all the way this year and that fact in itself may be the reason Rasheed wants in with New York ONLY. 

Here’s a little bit of information you may not know. During Rasheed’s last NBA game ( game 7 Celtics vs Lakers) Wallace was troubled by his Mother’s health. She was not expected to live 6 months from his last game as a Celtic. Rasheed’s Mother defied all odds and is now in total recovery and indeed healthy and somewhat a medical miracle. Who can blame Rasheed for wanting to be with his Mother during her then supposed last days? Barkley, O’neal and many have dissed this team. However, we Fanatics know better. Rasheed has a ring under Larry Brown and then assistant Coach Mike Woodson. He can only help out with defense but can pop a short Jumper and bury the three if the floor is spread out for Melo to go to work.
Time will tell…but we can only hope people ignore Chris Bosh’s warning about “Don’t Sleep on the Knicks” which is going to be one of the main reason’s why we will raise another banner in the Garden this June….it’s been 40 plus years and it’s our time.  Chandler and Amare have endorsed his signing. Amare stated he was blown away that Rasheed still can light it up from 3 point range or Pop a 12 footer. We could also use a few more Tech’s to fire up our team at times! ( Joke) LGK