Jeremy Lin struggled on Sunday against the 76ers, finishing with 14 points on 5-of-18 shooting to go along with seven assists, three rebounds and six turnovers. His poor shooting eclipsed his usual heavy turnovers. Lin also led all Knicks in FG atempts .. 18 while Melo had but 13, Amare had but 9. 
TEBO II is now more written in cement than the flash of linsanity that is now offically a fluke. 

Low IQ fans along with a bias Anti- Melo & Amare Media are blind to the truth that LIN is more TEBO than not. 

How can a PG take horrific shots such as lin and remain on the floor is beyond reason. LIN throws the ball at the rim rather than shoot. 
How is it allowed that he takes more shots then anyone on the Knicks? Lin has proven he can’t guard anyone with a pulse in this league.
But the hype lives on to the  point of destruction of any chance this team has to move forward.

Don’t worry knick fans with a clue. It will all be over tonight after the BULLS demolish LIN for DANTONI’S LAST GAME.  
What took it so long to happen is a topic for debate after the BULLS  game.