I’m proud to say I’ve been knocked off the fence I’ve proclaimed to be on in the matter of whether Jeremy Lin is real or a FAD. 
I could not be happier to have been wrong. WRONG AS HELL! Last nights game made me a believer. Why? Because looking at Lin’s stats, 
they were much better than any game he’s played so far. LIN had 10 points on only 4-6 shooting, 13 ASISSTS, 5 rebounds and only 6 TO’S. 
These numbers emphatically represent an elite PG. The fact that he makes everyone around him better is going to get even better as Amare and Melo
return to full health and starter status.

LIN is doing it all! And on the 7TH game he rested! LOL….

Linsanity may bring peace in the MSG-Time Warner Cable war.

The two sides met earlier this week for the first time since December, when Time Warner’s contract expired and MSG shut down the signal.

Hours before Jeremy Lin led the Knicks last night to their seventh straight victory, a 100-85 blowout of the Sacramento Kings, Mike Bair, head of MSG media, told WFAN’s Mike Francesa that negotiations had reopened. Neither company would give details, but the talks came in the midst of Lin’s incredible run, which has millions of local viewers demanding to see games. 

Lin-starved fans are denouncing Time Warner on social media, flooding its switchboard with complaints — and watching the games through other cable providers or packing local bars airing the games.

MSG ratings have surged as Lin has turned the Knicks into must-see TV. Average ratings are up 87 percent in the Lin era — all 11 days of it.

The rating for Tuesday’s Toronto Raptors game was 4.66 and drew 344,272 households, the highest-rated MSG game since Carmelo Anthony’s debut last year. Time Warner’s Facebook page has been all but hijacked by complaining customers. * NY POST~

BTW….The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino lowered the Knicks’ chances of collecting their first NBA title since 1973 to 25-1. The Knicks’ future odds had been 50-1 before Lin was inserted into the starting lineup six games ago. 

Once again I have never been so happy to have been wrong.  We have a true PG, Center, PF, SF that are elite. The Knicks have commited to making a super effort to sign JR Smith http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/02/new-york-knicks-to-be-aggressive-in-recruiting-jr-smith/ which may give us the most formidable starting lineup in the league, with a very, very deep bench. Jeffries, Fields, Shumpert, Jorts, Novak, Balkman make this one dangerous team. What an aberration for a .500 team to become the “Hunted?” LGK