What Does it Mean to “Drink the Kool-Aid”?

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Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a metaphor commonly used in the United States and Canada that refers to a person or group’s unquestioning belief in an ideology, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. The phrase typically carries a negative connotation when applied to an individual or group. The basis of the term is a reference to the November 1978 Jonestown Massacre, where members of the Peoples Temple were said to have committed suicide by drinking a “Kool-Aid“-like drink laced with cyanide. Winki~

Now lets examine Flavor. The Flavor of this Kool-Aid is Jeremy Lin. It seems many of the long suffering Knick fans are Gulping down the Flavor of Jeremy Lin. 
It is certainly understandable why. However, for every Two “Gulpers” there are Two sippers and ONE not drinking at all. I will go on record as being a “sipper.”
I am not ashame of being a sipper and I refuse to join in when I feel reserved.. just to be one of the guys! However, I am still a drinker, even though I am Just sipping. Lets look at other sippers, Gulpers and Not drinkers views.

‘Not drinker’ from a GSW Blog:

LP Posted: Feb.9 at 10:53 am

theyve got Steph Curry and Monta 48 Ellis…i woulda let Lin go also…he’s only played 3 games…

‘Drinker’ from GSW Blog:

da real Posted: Feb.9 at 11:11 am

^ btw, he has killed 3 games, not just played in them.

“Not Drinker, Not Sipper, Not Gulper: 

niQ Posted: Feb.9 at 11:39 am

Well, its true. 1) They let Lin go to try and make a run at DeAndre. 2) Lin wasn’t going to get the same oppurtunity he has in New York playing behind Ellis and Curry.

Not Drinker: 


Mark Jackson: Warriors Don’t Regret Giving Up on Jeremy Lin. 

Can’t decide. Is the guy next a Sipper or not drinker? 

Curry4ever Posted: Feb.9 at 3:49 pm

They Beat the Wizards, the Jazz, and The NETS…cmon. RELAX, don’t tebow the kid….

Not Drinker:

CoolWhip Posted: Feb.9 at 4:36 pm

Dunno how many of you saw Lin with the Warriors, but if you did, you woulda swapped him out for Nate Robinson in a heartbeat.
Hell, I’d still do it now, no question. Nate’s been putting up numbers for awhile in this league and with several teams/several systems.
Lin, who I’m a fan of, has given three good games on a horrible team. Even Mike James (who?!) put up big numbers on an inept Raptors team. Basically, anyone can put up big numbers on a sub-par team.

Not Drinker:

projectphantom Posted: Feb.9 at 4:38 pm

@ LP you’re right Lin is the new Tebow lol. Simmer down people.

Gulper: nicedawg2 days ago

Jackson is a joke…. No regrets cause whats he supposed to say – he’s a loser and warriors not going anywhere. Lin is better off cause playing here you get castigated in the media by your coach and he does not back his players. Bottom line jackson choose charles jenkins over lin – thats the decision and not a good one. Mark jackson didnt want an Asian player on his team- obvious.

Not Drinker: uprite

I watched Lin the other night, I think he had at least 4 turnovers in the 4th qt. and they really were not concentrating on him. He has great energy, but still plays like a rookie. With nice point performances like that, his points should start going way down as he is no longer a undiscovered asset, he’ll be back warming the bench as the team heals up. Jenkins played much better for us than Lin did. Anyway, GOOOO Warriors! I hate Westbrook and Perkins!

Not Drinker: jbird350z

I agree 100%, soon as teams learn his game, he will be a bench warmer. Nate and jenkins way better.

Sipper: patientwarrior

nate robinson is fun to watch for the same reasons j-lin is: underestimated, skilled, passionate. i love watching nate bring it!

Covering Azz: “It’s a stretch, it’s a stretch,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said of those comparing Lin to Robinson. “The fact is Jeremy Lin was let go so we could clear money to get DeAndre Jordan. So, it’s not fair to say ‘Why did you go get Nate?’ That had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin is playing great.

Not Drinking: Matt Steinmetz, Warriors Talk: But don’t confuse Jackson’s well-wishes for regret. He’s certainly not there yet. Nor should he be. Lin wasn’t perfect, after all, committing eight turnovers against the Jazz.

None of the above, just a true fan: orddct

I still give Lacob props for signing Lin for the year and seeing the potential in him and bringing him in the Warriors. It was sad to see him waived to try and get Deandre Jordan but it was a need that the team needed. I just wished they waived someone else or amnestied Beidris instead. He has just not been right since. 

I also think Lin should thank the warriors for being waived. As well as the Rockets, if Lin were to stay on the Warriors they probably would not have ran the pick-n-roll as much as it’s being done in NY. And I feel half the success is due to the NY bigs. 

If Lin can maintain this for a full NBA season then I would have said Lacob was a genius in believing in his talent but falls flat because the front office did not follow along with Lacob’s belief in him. But like most said it’s only 3 games he may be on a hot streak, and wait till teams actually game plan for him. If Lin can get out of the half court traps and full court traps as well as finish consistently to the left and ensuring he hits the open J’s Lin will be a starter his rest of the career barring injury. It’ll be interesting to see how the next few games go. This has actually gotten me tempted in buying league pass so I can just watch his games but holding off to see what happens in the coming games. 

But I still think it’s early for him, one more year of working at his craft and fixing his flaws will only make him better. And actually getting game experience will help. 

For now I hope Linsanity last for awhile. Need to cheer for the homegrown local Taiwanese/Chinese american boy!

In the mean time… I’ll be Sipping. If I feel ill I can stop and surivive. However, for you Gulpers…. if there is any Cyanide in your kool-Aid, RIP~