Great team win by the Knicks last night. STAT played like the STAT of last year.
JR Smith and Iman Shumpert’s tough, tough defense shut down the Sixer’s guards
before they could get any rhythm in the 4th quarter. Soon Linsanity will give way to
WOODSANITY. However, Woodson will have to dwarf these facts about Jeremy Lin
to do so.


Facts about Jeremy Lin:
He once won a staring contest…with a mirror.
Cuba imports cigars from him. 
Mosquitoes don’t bite him out of pure respect.
If he slept with your wife, you would give him a high five.
He can speak French in Russian.
He can poll vault over the Empire State Building by unzipping his pants and leaning forward.
On christmas day, He gives Santa Claus a present.
Viagra is made from his DNA.
He once jumped off the Niagara Falls. The falls got worried and caught him before he impacted the water.
The IRS pays his taxes.
He could walk before he could crawl.
He wrote his complete autobiography when he was 10.
He signed his own birth certificate.
On a true or false quiz he answered C: All of the above. It was correct.
While he did not shoot the Sheriff, He shot the deputy.
He knows who actually let the dogs out.
He once said something illogical, it became logical.
At museums he’s allowed to touch the art.
He once swam the pacific ocean with a cinderblock tied to each leg.
He once spared a poor black man some change……10 years later that man became president.
Both sides of his pillow are cool and if he were to pat you on your back you would list it on your resume.
He can record Major League Baseball without the express written consent of the Commissioner.
Once he visited the Virgin Islands…after that they were just called the Islands.
Though he can’t walk on water he’s never slipped on ice.