Sometimes a fan has got to wonder whether knows what it is talking about.   But then there are times when it is not necessary to wonder because it is clear that doesn't have a clue about a clue.  The results of the Network player rankings is one time you know ESPN is just making up garbage content to trick readers into clicking, tweeting, retweeting, liking, linking, pinning, and/or talking about  their opinions.  Clearly, they tricked me as I rant about the stupidity of ranking Carmelo Anthony lower than #14 in anything (other than defense).

But, the rankings are just entertainment, the internet version of a parlor trick, right?

ESPN,com asked its panelist to make player rankings based upon predictions — as opposed to facts — in the upcoming season.  This panel of apparently the finest 215 claivoyants in sports projected that Carmelo Anthony was (or would be?) the 15th best player in the NBA going into the season.   

Each of the panelist provided a very detailed (wink, wink) ranking of 0-10 to evaluate each player as to "the overall level of play for each player for the upcoming season."  And they collectively predicted that Carmelo Anthony's contribution would be the 15th best in the league.  

Sarcasm aside, the rankings really aren't meant to be taken seriously, I don't think.  They are just more time consuming, peripheral entertainment until the season starts.  So we should thank for filling a void and giving us the idea to make our own predictions about player contributions.  After all. our guess is as good as — and probably better — than theirs.  

I mean really.  Carmelo Anthony at  #15.  Funny.    Where do you think he should be ranked? What 14 players do you think will contribute more this upcoming season than him?