Metta Loves Tyler Hansbrough, Calls Instigators Fools

Metta World Peace Loves Tyler Hansbrough and is appreciative and supportive of Hansbrough tough style of play.  And that is why I love Metta; always have.

Despite the media's attempt to turn a pre-season face-to-face confrontation between Metta and Hansbrough into a major event, the Knicks newest tough guy told reporters how much he liked Hansbrough and how glad he was that Hansbrough was not soft like most NBA players.

Regarding Hansbrough Metta said, "He's tough, I like him. I like that guy. I love . . . .That's what I miss with Matt Harpring, retired.  I have nobody to bang it with.   I have nobody to go bull-horn-head to head.  I love it. I miss Matt Harpring. . . .but now we got Tyler which is even better. I love guys like that.  I need that physical action because you know the game has changed so much and now we got all these Mr. Softees. . . .A lot of these basket players is made right from the Mr. Softee's ice cream truck. . . .I like Mr. Softee but I don't like to play basketball with Mr. Softee."

Metta, who understands that this is entertainment,  also looked at it from a marketing perspective.  "[Hansbrough] a good player, a tough player.  if it was back in the day, it probably would have been more. . .  .  It was aggressive.  He was playing really hard. We had a moment and we both moved on. It was good for the game. It was good for the fans. I kinda got the Toronto fans excited. He stood his ground and he got his fans excited.  it was great. no fighting, just face-to-face action.  It was good."   

Apparently, after the interview Metta did not care much for the media coverage of the minor play.  He took to Twitter to defend and encourage Hansbrough and to call out all the "silly people" and "fools" who over blew the incident and  were critical of Hansbrough's apparent response to Metta during the face off.  It was such a big deal that even the Huffington Post published Metta's Tweets.

The press coverage was so over the top that it included headlines such as Tyler Hansbrough Backs Off Metta World Peace (Yahoo Sports); Metta Gives Hansbrough A Scare (ESPN, see video below); and Tyler Hansbrough Scared of Metta World Peace (Slam Online)


Metta's interview in which he discusses what he thinks of Hansbrough can be seen at Metta Loves Tyler.