Metta Words: “Iman . . . . is the best shooting Guard In The League”

You've gotta love Metta. Brash, irreverent, funny and either delusional or just a really encouraging teammate.  

Apparently, Metta has been pumping Iman up for great things which a great teammate should do.  But others might recognize the latest Metta tag as hyperbole.  As shown, in the featured video, Iman has been getting words of advice and encouragement from his new teammate who not only sees a great future for the shooting guard, but a great present.

Metta, who fortunately puts a lot of weight on defense says "Iman . . .amazing.  I think he is the best shooting guard in the league. Soe people get it twisted and make the mistake of thinking the best players are the ones that can just score. That's totally false." 

While Metta may be off a little bit here (remember Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant and James Harden?) , there is nothing wrong with challenging his teammate to rise to the high praise. 

(link wink to Dan Favale at Bleacher Report)