Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Detroit Pistons (7:30pm)

Knicks v. Pistons


Chris Smith is gone to the D-League, but J.R. Smith may still want to defend his brother's honor against Pistons' point guard Brandon Jennings.  It is unlikely that the mercurial, and often immature J.R. Smith will say anything beyond a tweet or a twerp to Jennings, after he was hit with a $25,000 fine for hostilely and inappropriately using twitter to respond to Jennings dig at Chris Smith's presence on the Knicks.  Still, beside the Knicks' consistently lackluster performance, the twitter feud is the most exciting thing happening with the Knicks these last few days.    

The Knicks are 3-6 and Carmelo Anthony knows what we know — somebody is not trying on the defensive end.  Beyond that it appears that the Knicks just don't have all the weapons they need to be championship contenders.

Amare Stoudemire is unhappy with his minutes limitation which seems to coincide with his name being involved in trade talks.  Clearly, Stoudemire needs minutes to improve his play, but he has yet to show that he can play with Carmelo and be of any use on the defensive end.

This Knicks Fanatic maintains that the teams biggest problem is at point guard.  Raymond Felton is hugely ineffective on the defensive end and would be better packaged in a trade than Imam Shumpert.  Of course, Shump is more valuable.

The Pistons are an improved team but they have lost five of their last six and appear worse on the defensive end than the Knicks.  However, the Knicks still need offensive production for someone other than Prigio Bargnani and Carmelo Anthony.

I'm betting this game will be determined by the boards and on how much Jennings wants to beat down the Knicks for not drafting him and for the hostile tweets.