Open Thread Night: Knicks Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Timberwolves (7:30pm)

Feel free to join the Fanatics tonight as we live blog the Knicks v. the  Minnesota Timberwolves (2-0)

On Friday Kevin Love (24 points and 12 rebounds) and Ricky Rubio (14 points and 10 assists) dusted off the Westbrook-less OakCity Thunder easily, 100-81.  It should be a lot of fun to see how Prigiani, the old head, and Raymond Felton handle Ricky Rock Star (yes, this Rubio kid is a star with the rock in his hand.)

Also,for whatever reason (I think any reason maybe wise), Woodson is sitting Stat against the Timberwolves front line.  There was no way that Stat was going to out-board Kevin Love.  So maybe we get to see Metta and Kenyon rough him up a little. It won't be Bargnani for sure.  I'll go with Metta and three fouls in the first half.  We'll see.

Anyway, come and join us.  We had a good crew last game with Tman, JerseyLucas, O&B, Modi,  and dltKnicks in the house.  It was a good way to enjoy the game.  Maybe we'll get some Timberwolves fans to drop by.