Open Thread Night: Knicks Take On Bucks at 8pm Tonight

Knicks versus Bucks Game Night Thread


KnicksFanaticBlog is back at it — our game night live blogging.  Tonight we will use our very own real-time comment system for the live blog.  So feel free to join us at any time to discuss the game and the future of our beloved Knicks.

Tonight we take on the Milwaukee Bucks.  Coach Woodson has promised us that this game will give us a better idea of what our starting rotation will look like.  That is great since the Bucks will be the first team we play for the regular season.

Other questions abound include which youngsters will be able to secure a spot on our roster.  We need more big talent, but that Murry kid is a keeper.  Let's see what happens. Feel free to drop some words of wisdom.

The game starts at 8:00 pm.  Welcome.