OK…..the Knicks are playing the NYC Media like a Violin and they deserve it. Reported today was that Rasheed Wallace will under-go regular season ending surgery. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ BY THE NYC MSM. Dolan is feeding the "Pigs" and the NYC "Pigs" are eating it like slop. Reports are that this type of rumor will take pressure off Mike Woodson with questions about his strategy to rest Wallace,and Camby until playoff time. Expect big minutes from KMART the rest of the season. However, the Knicks are emphatically focused on beating small ball Miami and OKC. IN THAT ORDER! Please note that inside reports are that Wallace will comply but is not happy to roll in during the playoffs.

According to a Knick insider on the Med staff….. the Knicks want to BLITZ the Heat and OKC with CAMBY, WALLACE, KMART..all off the bench, while Tyson Chandler gets LOOSEY goosy with his foul allotment.  

The Knicks are gearing up for the Run that has evaded them the past 40 years. Dismiss this laugh and be a wiseass with reply's, however….this is as close as you can get without being a team member. Check it right!