Tyson Down With Fractured Leg and Out 4-6 Weeks

There seems to be no news but bad news for the New York Knicks, In the first quarter of a humiliating loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, center Tyson Chandler fractured his right fibula in a collision with Kemba Walker,

It is bad enough that the Knicks defense is already broken, but Chandler's injury threatens to rip the legs right from under the rebounding and defensively challenged squad until about December 12th.    During the next six weeks the Knicks play 18 games which included contests against the Spurs, Rockets, Pacers, Lakers, Nets and Bulls.  Without a rebounder or anyone young or agile enough to guard the paint, the Knicks are in danger of becoming a lottery contender.

A couple of Fanatics had pointed out at the end of the pre-season that the Knicks took a horrible chance in letting their big prospects go in favor of the guards including Chris Smith, J.R.'s brother. Is Cole Aldrich ready? Will Bargnani ever get more than 3 rebounds? Ouch!!