Woodson, Impressed With Youngins, Close to Setting Roster

After the Knicks loss to Toronto, coach Mike Woodson was pleased that his young players competed,  According to Woodson this was the last game for those trying to make the roster to show what they could do.  Despite being impressed with the youngsters, he expressed concern about their defensive lapses without giving outright clues to how is final roster or rotation was going to look.

"I thought our young guys competed. You know when we got down in that second overtime, we fought back again. Hey, we came up on the short end,"  said Woodson. '"I'm not blaming them.  they're in school tying to learn what we are about from a defensive standpoint. Just simple things of switching correctly.  We had so many mistakes in that area tonight where we got same side guys that can't figure out the proper way of switching.  Those are things that will come."

Woodson had some more specific thoughts on certain players.

On C.J. Leslie:

"I thought (C.J.) stepped up.  he had some moments."

On Tim Hardaway, Jr.:

"Tim struggled making shots.but he made some big ones when it counted too."

On Beno Udrih:

"I thought Beno did a great job in running our team."

On Toure' Murry: 

"He (Murry) played well. You know we're asking him (to do) a lot.  You know he's made the transition from two to one and that's just not easy.  He's a 23 year old young man that's trying to figure out how to be the point guard and play defense.  We're asking a lot of him. And he;s just starting to get some time these last three games.  He played well tonight. I thought he came up big in both overtimes he made some shots but, it was the defensive lapses that occurred throughout the overtime, both overtimes that I thought hurt us and mainly Toure and Tim were involved in those.  So we got to go back and clean up some things and watch some tape and teach from the tape and learn from it."

The Woodson post-game interview can be seen by clicking the following link. to KnicksNow:  Woodson impressed with young guys,