Woodson: “That Was A Good Shot For Melo, It Just Didn’t Go In” (Video)

The Knicks lost to the Bulls last night 82-81, but Woodson does not seem overly concerned as he tries to figure out his rotations.   In the above video he hopes that Martin and Bargnani have patience with him as he tries to figure out how to best get them into the game for the benefit of the team.  

At the end of the interview, Woodson slightly shows his annoyance at one reporter who questioned the quality of Melo's game ending three point attempt.  If the shot, which danced on the rim, had gone in, Melo would be the hero instead of Rose who scored on a crazy runner over Chandler.

Overall, it was a good game, one the Knicks could have won (We can discuss why later).  Woodson just needs to know what he has and it seems that really won't happen until J.R. Smith returns.  These Knicks have some nice pieces; they just need to work and work consistently together.