Basketball slots game Slam Dunk review

If you call your basketball casino game Slam Dunk then the game has to be able to live up to it, which means that this five reel slot game needs to be of a very high standard indeed. Slots at iphone casino games sites based around different sports have become a lot more common at online casinos over the past few years, and more sports betting fans are playing them as a fun alternative to putting bets on sports matches. Slam Dunk does appear to be one of the games that have impressed basketball fans, suggesting that its name is no empty boast.

There is certainly much to admire in the visuals offered by this game, from the background which shows a basketball arena, to the players, basketball shoes, cheerleaders, cups and jerseys found on the reels. The number 23 jerseys, which represent the number worn by all-time NBA legend Michael Jordan, are the wild icons – meaning the ones able to take the place of missing icons to create winning lines. Furthermore, if you manage to get five of these 23 jerseys across a pay line you will end up with a payout of 9000 times more than you bet on that line – just one of many ways in which Slam Dunk can be money spinning.

There is also the Double Up bonus round, which allows you to take your winnings and bet them all on the chance of doubling them. Although obviously this also carries the risk of ending up with nothing. However it is a feature that will have great appeal for those who value the adrenaline rush of a gamble most of all. The Slam Dunk bonus game – offering the chance to win a 5000-coin jackpot – will suit those who want to end their slot play with more money than they started with. Given that the smallest amount you can use to play a round of Slam Dunk is a mere $0.01, it is a game you stand every chance of doing that with, making it an ideal way for any basketball or gambling fan to spend a few hours.