About Knicks Fanatics



Welcome to the new home of Knicks Fanatics Blog.com at Bloguin.com.  We believe that Knicks Fanatics Blog is the best independent Knicks basketball blog for fiery and usually intelligent fellowship.  Here you will find a community of avid and rabid Knicks fans able and willing to defend divergent, convergent, emergent and subversive viewpoints.  Through hard times and great times, our Knicks are our bond. We have been growing in quality, noteriety and numbers since we banded together back in the IT era and turned the local beat blogs into hotbeds of “bball is life and life affirming” discussions.  Now we have committed ourselves to the next phase by joining the Bloguin.com community instantly growing our fellowship of bball lovers and inviting you to enjoy our brand of maniacal fanaticism.


So hop a squat and get comfy for 2010 is on its way, whatever the hell that might mean to you. And while you wait for that day (you’ll know it, when if you see it) feel free to enjoy our  beautiful site which is so much more than a collection of views and news; Knicks Fanatics Blog is an experience reflecting the diverse views and interests of the community we are and serve.  Check out the videos in the vodpod, the links to the blogoverse or the wonderful sounds of our playlist while you’re in this house. If you want the latest news without traveling the long route through the blogosphere, check out Knicks Klippings and/or the News Feed.   Or you can be part of the experience by providing us with your brilliant insight on all that is remotely Knicks Basketball.  And if you don’t have brilliant insight, please feel free to say something stupid, because according to most Fanatics anything that doesn’t come from their keyboard is stupid anyway.  LOL.


Enjoy.  Someone will greet you at the door.