Post-View: Washington Wizards

The Wizards are a team that, in the pre-season, I thought had a real chance to improve and capitalize on some young talent. I was confident to the point where I thought they’d be flirting with the 8th Eastern Conference playoff seed for the bulk of the season. After two losses (preceded by a couple […]

Post-View: San Antonio Spurs

This is the first in a series of ‘post-views’, an idea thought up by Lives, which essentally previews a selected team’s season after seeing them play a few times. After just two games, it is clear to me that the San Antonio Spurs, who last year posted an astonishing 61 regular season victories, are once […]

Knicks @ Lakers (Game 3) Preview

After a horrible performance against the Warriors, the West Coast road trip continues with a game at Staples Center against the struggling Lakers. The Knicks better bring their A-game this time round because, for all the hate they’ve received so far this season, the Lakers are still a top-tier team. Luckily for the Knicks, the […]

Knicks @ Warriors (Game 2) Preview

Tonight’s game sees the Knicks take on former point guard Mark Jackson, who is now head coach for the opposition Golden State Warriors. The game is the first in a 3 game West Coast trip, with games against the Lakers and Kings to follow. The Warriors back-court is their main threat to the Knicks and […]

Knicks Sign Guard Jeremy Lin

In an attempt to make up for the short term loss of Iman Shumpert, the Knicks have picked up point guard Jeremy Lin. The Harvard grad, who showed he can definitely ball during the lockout this year, was released by both his hometown Warriors and the Houston Rockets this off-season. For the time being, the […]

Knicks vs. Celtics (Game 1) Preview

Merry Knicksmas, fanatics! We are around 12 hours away from the biggest Knick game in a long time! It may not be playoff basketball but it’s the next best thing; Knicks vs. Celtics, New York vs. Boston, on opening day! There may be debate as to whether or not this is actually a rivalry but […]

Carmelo as the Distributor for the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony has a new role on his (relatively) new team: that of the distributor. On a roster starved of solid point guard play (at least until Baron Davis arrives), Carmelo is taking it upon himself to run and control the offense, making his teammates better in the process. This isn’t the first time the […]