The Kat Williams Fiasco (A Devil’s Advocate Perspective)

Some Chicano Activist responded with . . . Another Chicano Activist added the following Nope this is not a Basketball themed article. It is a comment on some responses from those of the Chicano Movement and La Raza militants regarding their rip on Kat Williams the comedian for defending himself (and the territorial United States […]

Swashbuckling, Globetrotting, Barnstorming Adventure Networks in the midst of the NBA’s Labor Management Abyss?

The thought of player overseas movement as a partial means to offset the heavy leverage held by NBA Ownership is taking flight quite rapidly. Several  recent articles have explored different angles of the possibility of a player migration abroad to Europe, China or elsewhere. That possibility presents many hopes and pitfalls for players and a […]

A Last Test Drive for The Fast Lane the End Game and The Long Run?

Assuming Mike D’Antoni is not foolishly extended the addition of a defensive specialist to the Knicks coaching roster could allow the upcoming season to be the final litmus test on the questions raised under the D’Antoni coaching regime. “If the road is covered with rocks and thorns, you can either pave the entire road with […]

Chuancey Billups, “Deliver Us from Evil!”

The New York Knicks will retain veteran point guard Chauncey Billups for the upcoming 2011-2012 season. Billups makes up part of Madison Square Garden’s own version of the trendy basketball “Big Three” with star forwards Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. For a short stint since the Boston Celitcs ousted the Knicks from the playoffs, Billups […]

The Weary’d yet Welcomed Challenge

Home is were the cooking begins and the Knicks road the crest of a four game home stand to a much needed four game winning streak. The latest in that wave was a thumping of an undermanned Raptors team. Nevertheless the Knicks did to the Raptors what they’ve been doing since they ended a horrid […]

“Goliath” Celebrates and Cashes in on “Evident Progress?”

I love themes. I see it all the time with the Knicks organization. Prematurity is one of them. You know what I’m talking about? Extending Isaiah Thomas early in March of the 2006-07 season shortly after the Knicks held the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs for a nano second. Extending Thomas when the […]

The Knicks still need Size, Talent, Depth, Chemistry and more Experience

[Editors Note: Today we’ve decided to give some limelight to JMattHicks, a new addition to the Fanatics Family and an ardent Spurs fan. But an NBA roundball fan who’s adopted the Knicks as the Eastern Conference team he roots for first and foremost. This is JMatt’s reply to Steady’s proclamation that the Knicks could win […]