The Line that should not be crossed

Everyone knows by now the Knicks most recent offer in the Carmelo Anthony drama. Namely a combination of Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Eddy Curry’s expiring contract and a 1st round draft pick (via a swap of Anthony Randolph to the Minesotta Timberwolves).   Although the Knicks give up significant pieces on their roster […]

The House Divided and an Open Letter to James L. Dolan (Part 2)

2. The Open Letter to James Dolan Mr. James Dolan, congratulations on presenting the Knicks fan base with a team that is above .500 and currently in playoff position as the NBA nears the All Star break. The tide appears to be turning on a decade of ineptitude over at Madison Square Garden. Thank you […]

The House Divided and an Open Letter to James L. Dolan

1. A House Divided? Thankfully the February 24 trade deadline is around the corner. When that seasonal milestone is crossed the Knicks may find themselves for better or for worse on the other side of a growing current dividing the league.  For the Knicks may be crossing their own version of the Roman Rubicon. That […]

Denver Bluffs, Anthony Blinks and the Knicks one Down them all!

“If you are going to die in battle then you should do so with the utmost respectability and dignity. It is a terrible shame to die in battle with your sword undrawn or yourself unable to use it correctly.” (Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of the Five Rings) To date I have begrudgingly paid my respects […]

An Epidemic of Viral Porportions – Covetous comes down with a Gullible strain!

Even a seemingly delightful trip induced by OTP Peyote, wasn’t enough for Covetous to locate Gullible. Gullible’s in a special place. A seemingly delirious mental state of. “Herbana!” A state induced by OTP peyote but supplemented by something Covetous couldn’t quite put his finger on. Sure, Covetous’ investigative background yielded to that magic Peyote Cactus. […]

For once the Sky is not Falling in the Garden!

Man, for a moment Adrian Wojnarowski’s column and a NY Magazine column covering it had me in shambles, Walsh was on a hot seat. Or better yet, a “Not Seat!” As in not being given an extension that is still on the table for James Dolan to extend Walsh by an April 30th deadline. Wojo’s […]

Covetous Fanatic, Hot on the Trail of Gullible Fanatic

Prologue – Working schmoe Joe and away we go! It was a cold and gloomy day. Yet again a mix of snow and rain had hit the tri-state area. A cup of extra hot Joe in my hand and the elusive Gullible Fanatic was in my crosshairs. The  three game winning streak that put the […]