THE KNICKS HEAD COACH STEERING THE SHIP. See the above Orange and Blue as it is and where it’s going? There cannot be anymore excuses. Time for our Offensive Genious to go.A simple thread to state ” FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI” and lets get on with our season! Or…. keep him and we drown! I for […]

Hallelujah, The Knicks Finally Win, Down Magic 113-106 It may have taken overtime, the absence of the opponent’s starting point guard and favorable home cookin’ calls by refs to go with an entree of all-out hustle, but the Knicks finally ended their losing streak at six with a dramatic win over the Magic in the Garden.   Led by Carmelo Anthony, who said […]

Frosted Hoops: 1/27/11, Just Another Beautiful Stormy Game Day

So much snow.  Yeah, it can be a real pain in the shoveling shoulder and other body parts, but it can also turn a work day into a beautiful, low stress day if you let it.  This is what my early morning walk on this game day looked like.  Take a deep breath and remember […]

THE KNICKS’ ACHILLES KNEE and THE OLD SHARK’S ROW OF TEETH! (A look into the Knicks franchise’s past and current management in the context of 2011 free agency and the Carmelo Anthony saga)

Part 1. THE ACHILLES KNEE   “[S]uch is Achilles’ deathly earnest, so absolute is his fire . . .  .” (Cedric H. Whitman)   It is peculiar that the most recent flare up of the Knicks’ “Achilles Knee” (more on that term later) involved a collision with Brandon Rush. That collision resulted when Rush rolled […]

Knowledgeable Bloggers Cooley High (Knicksfanatics) and Saipan Knickster (Knicksdefense) bring the knowledge on discussions on coaching depth and offensive depth

[Editors Note: Cooley High is another one of the knowledgeable citizens of the Knicksfanatics blog community whose knowledge is as deep as his soulful spirituality and his grace. Read his comments/insight on how some of the leagues other fast break teams have included elements consistent with the revival of team USA basketball under legendary coach […]

The team that gets the most gimmees usually wins, period.

[Editors Note: T’Man a/k/a Mr. T a/k/a the Knicksfanatics Minister of defense is likely the most knowledgeable and more likely the most rugged member of the Knicksfanatics family. When you think of someone going down hard when they get into the paint. Think T’Man with an Oakley scowl saying get out of here or don’t […]

Was D’Antoni actually right about Some Things? (SSOL’s Style, Personnel and Pivotal Set not only revived New York’s playoff aspirations but sparks revivals elsewhere)

The resurgence of the Knicks over the past several weeks has drawn particular attention to importance of the teams bread and butter Pick and Roll offense. The effectiveness of the play has generated plenty of articles. Articles discussing the growing chemistry between point Raymond Felton and Amar’e Stoudemire. Some discussing  the importance of the shooting […]

Pre-game Q and A with Leaving It All On The Court, A Heat Blog

About a year ago, in early January, Diego brought his talents and Miami Heat blog, Leaving It All On The Court, to Bloguin. At the time he had no idea about the embarrassment of riches that would fall from the NBA sky onto South Beach.  Still, he continued to diligently and expertly report the happenings […]

The Knicks Take Their Talents To South Beach

While most folks on the East Coast are still digging themselves out of the horrendous blizzard that has me stranded at work, waiting for NJ Transit to get their act together, I turn my thoughts to the Miami Heat and their matchup against the Knicks on Tuesday night in Miami. Let’s just say it’s less […]