Covetous Fanatic – Blogga Profile


Covetous Fanatic fixes his private eyes on the latest OTP. Quick tune that 70’s porn music!


As all already know Covetous Fanatic is Gullible’s little brother, and as such he has decided to step up to the fore to redeem (or at the very least vindicate) his brother’s dubious name. Because, Gullible’s foolish ritual produced a vindictive Cukoobron as part of a nefarious triumvirate, Covetous is charged with preparing the Knicksdefense against KukooBron’s domination of the basketball universe. There fore Covetous must muster a counter triumvirate to check the power of CukooBron and his dastardly brethren.



As the younger of the Fanatic family Covetous fancies himself hipper and more in touch with current events in the basketball universe. He is a Gen Y creation and as such is wholly linked in, with the realm of digital media ripe with headline catching big hit instant access to the latest NY Tabloid gossip, twitter ‘news,’ or BSPN report from a personality with instant access to ‘unnamed sources.’ However, as a Gen Y soul, he also suffers the drawbacks of his generation- e.g., the failure to inquire about and verify online content for veracity and logic. Covetous believes he will succeed where his bumbling (readily deceived) big brother failed. Covetous is of a pizza budget but dreams big caviar dreams.  He is the private eye watching Other Team’s Playas (OTPs) every gesture for signs that an OTP is prima facie wanting to join the Knicks and assured to soon Donnie a Knicks Jersey. However, Covetous often mistakes lids with New York team logos on OTPs as come ons much the same way a fanboy geek mistakes a woman gesturing in his direction as a sign of interest in the fanboy rather than a sign that someone in the background has drawn that woman’s attention. In other words Covetous isn’t good at reading signs.


Covetous is one excitable muthafunker


When Covetous Fanatic gets excited that’s when the ‘magic’ takes place, because the latest OTP rumor churns the young fanatics immense imagination. When that happens Covetous has been known to blurt out ‘succesful’ trade scenarios involving the Knicks flotsam for much desired OTPs via his ready access to BSPNs pretty trade machine. Alternatively Covetous will readily suggest  a fire sale of Knicks’ talents and assets for an OTP in the belief such talent and assets exchanged to obtain an OTP will grow back magically like money on trees. In previous lives, Covetous was credited for convincing Biblical scribes that water could be transformed into wine, and a loaf of bread and single fish could feed multitudes. Covetous also convinced medieval scientist that lead could be transformed into gold and helped invent the wayward practices of alchemy and spiritual divination.



Covetous’ and Gullible’s Kin have been around throughout human history


Covetous also has a jones for the Euroballer OTPs, often insisting that an unproven Euroballer is worth the sacrifice of quality assets on the Knicks roster. Covetous will even rejoice when a marquee talent is past up on in the draft for a Europroject. Covetou’s attitude towards the Euroballer is drawn from his mistaken belief that the Knicks can only be brought back to relevance in an expanding NBA Universe by way of featuring a Euroball team for the multicultural denizens of the conrete city state.



Covetous is ‘Running Down a Dream’ of a Knicks Super triumvirate!


There is plenty of gullible about Covetous as  there is plenty of covetous about Gullible since both brothers share the same DNA. That similar trait in both Fanatic brothers should allow Covetous to track his mysteriously vanished brother. So jump aboard and share in the experience as Covetous takes his private eyes on a journey to peg down a Knicks ‘big three’ to repel the forces of CukoolBron, or at the very least land some Euroballers for the fanboys and lady Knicksfan’s enjoyment. Can Covetous redeem his big brother’s not so good name in the process?