Gullible’s Travels Back Story

“Gullible’s Travels” is the tale of our inter-netional hero LivesInNewJersey’s never-ending search for the most trusting and naive New York Knicks fan in the blogoverse. The target’s code-name is “Gullible Fanatic.” His user-name, “ReallyGullibleMuthaFunker”, like his common sense, is owned by the person or persons who use him to spread the lies of 2010.

Gullible has been brainwashed, duped and hoodwinked. He has been sucker-punched in the brain through a little known procedure called a LeBronotomy. It is said by undiscloseable sources that the Alter Ego of James Dolan a/k/a Mr. Dolan/Dr. Hahn took a page from the Tuskegee experiment, during which the US government sanctioned giving sexually transmitted disesases (a/k/a pidoky) without the sex to healthy black men; and subsequently denied them the known cure in favor of placebos. The difference here is that Mr. Dolan/Dr. Hahn don’t discriminate, they give the placebos to suckers of all races, creeds and low levels of basketball IQ.

The Problem? Mr. Dolan/Dr. Hahn’s many minions, including the corporate (Newsday), the human (Mike D’Antoni) and the cartoonish (“the Turtle”) ones, injected poor Gullible multiple times with a foul strain of H1AndOne which results in the Hoopless Cough Disease and an even fowl-er version of the rooster booster shot to prevent the viral effects from wearing off too quickly.

Due to the spread of the virus to the occipital lobe, Gullible believes that a a man (and his general manager) can live on cap space alone. Gullible also believes that coaches who can use the word “defense” in a sentence are defensive geniuses and great motivational speakers. Gullible believes that trade rumors prove that a general manager is trying to make a team better. In other words, Gullible is a really sick dude– but more significantly, like Newsday, he is a carrier.

Lives’ mission is to travel the blogosphere from website to blog-site to website to find Gullible and return him here to Knicks Fanatics for intervention treatment; procedures to be jointly led by Peaceman and Statesman. In the name of truth, justice and the Fanatic way, Lives must find him and bring him back alive to prevent the spread of Gullible’s disease.

Unfortunately, it seems that Lives is always one step behind Gullible. Lives suspects that Gullible spends most of his time at certain fan-boy blogs (we will not utter the names of these Knicksblogs for fear of cross-cultural roasting, posting and toasting contamination), but as tall as Gullible is he can hide in the mountain of ABS at these venues of myths, lies and you tube videotapes. Lives tends to frequently lose the trail and get caught up in some weird places and situations. Following is the disjointed log of Lives’ most recent travels around the blogosphere as he chases the elusive Gullible. Enjoy.