Gullible Fanatic is missing in action – his little brother Covetous Steps to the Fray

Gullible Fanatic Stripped down to his cap space skivvies prior to the Cuckoobron Scryptocolypse. Seems like that Cap Space Plan had no clothes all along.

In the wake of ‘Le Decision’s’ anti-climactic conclusion to the summer of 2010, KFB’s prodigal son Gullible Fanatic has disappeared. It is rumored that Gullible’ exit to the nether regions of Knicks blogdom was the result of his having stripped down to his skivvies in a ritualistic display of plain old foolishness. That display included the ritual copycat sacrifices of voodoo dolls of the Knicks’ Roster inherited by the Wal’Dolantoni regime from the being known as IT. Supposedly the ritual sacrifice was paired with a slow strip down in an effort to appease the basketball god CuckooBron in what Gullible believed to be the ultimate Scriptacolypse. CuckooBron was rumored to make a universally altering appearance in the hallowed halls of the temple Gullible has come to refer to as MECCA, the proverbial center of the basketball universe by adherents of the concrete city clan’s folklore.



To that end Gullible’ strip down of personnel was to be coupled with the magical qualities of the sieve like offensive magic of the [  ]’ontoni system to allow Gullible to craft an alluring regal ritual outfit that would insure that CuckooBron would grace the hallowed halls of MECCA. This ritualistic display by Gullible was suppose to  return the ‘chosen one’ CuckooBron to MECCA and was also suppose to vindicate the concrete city clan’s justification for clamoring and claiming to be the chosen people from and at the center of the basketball universe.  Nevertheless Gullible’s down right foolish display had the reverse effect, and led a pair of observers from the midwest and jersey to declare that ‘Gullible (and his informants) had no clue.’


All of a sudden Gullible disappeared into the ether as CuckooBron returned to the shores of the basketball universe. Though this time not as the hero and vindicator of the concrete city clan’s braggadocio claims of universal sophistication and supremacy but rather as a scryptocolyptic figure returned as part of unholy trilogy from the tropical backwater hinterlands. Cuckoobron and the vengeful spirits appear aboard a ship about to land on the shores and declare dominance over the basketball universe while the collective basketball IQ of the concrete city tribe dropped precipitously upon the revelation of Gullible’ disappearance.  Clearly it appears that Gullible has used the magic regalia he Donnied as a means to hide his shame.


All of the sudden a brave champion steps forth to vindicate the concrete city tribe, it is none other than Gullible’ little brother, Covetous Fanatic.