An Epidemic of Viral Porportions – Covetous comes down with a Gullible strain!

Even a seemingly delightful trip induced by OTP Peyote, wasn’t enough for Covetous to locate Gullible. Gullible’s in a special place. A seemingly delirious mental state of. “Herbana!” A state induced by OTP peyote but supplemented by something Covetous couldn’t quite put his finger on. Sure, Covetous’ investigative background yielded to that magic Peyote Cactus. […]

Covetous Fanatic, Hot on the Trail of Gullible Fanatic

Prologue – Working schmoe Joe and away we go! It was a cold and gloomy day. Yet again a mix of snow and rain had hit the tri-state area. A cup of extra hot Joe in my hand and the elusive Gullible Fanatic was in my crosshairs. The  three game winning streak that put the […]

Covetous Fanatic – Blogga Profile

Covetous Fanatic fixes his private eyes on the latest OTP. Quick tune that 70’s porn music!   As all already know Covetous Fanatic is Gullible’s little brother, and as such he has decided to step up to the fore to redeem (or at the very least vindicate) his brother’s dubious name. Because, Gullible’s foolish ritual […]

Gullible’s Travels Back Story

“Gullible’s Travels” is the tale of our inter-netional hero LivesInNewJersey’s never-ending search for the most trusting and naive New York Knicks fan in the blogoverse. The target’s code-name is “Gullible Fanatic.” His user-name, “ReallyGullibleMuthaFunker”, like his common sense, is owned by the person or persons who use him to spread the lies of 2010. Gullible […]

Gullible’s Travels: The Koolaid Is Really A Special Blend Of Coffee

  (Editors Note: See the Gullible’s Travels Section In Archives Menu for the entire background story on Live’s search (and rescue mission) for the most gullible Knicks fan in the blogoverse.  The tale continues.) THE KOOLAID IS REALLY COFFEE As usual, I started my day at the computer checking my 250 e-mails.  An anonymous someone, […]

GULLIBLE’S TRAVELS: The Knicks’ 2010 Plan; Do You Believe That?

I have been searching high and higher throughout the blogoverse (the ever expanding blogosphere) for our friend Gullible Fanatic. I wanted to ask him personally, face to face, whether he actually believed all that he had been hearing the last two years about how the Knicks would reboot their fortunes by creating cap space for […]

Gullible’s Travels: First Entry 12/25/2008

The following is my December 25, 2008 journal entry as I travel around the Knicks Blogosphere. In my travels, I had hoped to take the high, happy road to understanding the state of Knicks Nation, both on and off the court. I wanted to bask in the positive light of change. Change of management. Change of […]