Is Landry Fields Holding Something Back?

Our holiday discussion about the surprising Landry Fields rages as a couple of fanatics wonder out loud, after viewing the rookie’s collegiate highlight reel, whether he is holding something back. Fields has been nothing short of phenomenal as a rookie.  As a starter on a decent Knicks team, he is averaging 10.4 points on 51% […]

Hondo-II or BKII?????

Donnie Walsh recently stated Landry Fields reminds him of HONDO as a rookie. I personally see Fields as Bernard King as a rookie. This is good news to all Knick fans. It means Fields won’t end up part of a trade that WILL happen to bring MELO aboard. What is your opinion? Do you see […]

Knicks Stomp The Spider, Silence The Thunder 112-98

Thunder 98 (20-10, 10-5 away) Knicks 112 (17-12, 7-7 home) Box Score Last Play: 1 2 3 4 T Thunder 28 27 23 20 98 Knicks 27 36 27 22 112 “We got a lot of rest the last few days, which was great for us. And it showed out there. I needed it. I definitely […]

Homeless Knick gets a home and Job for Christmas!

Ray Williams Goes From Homeless to Home With a Job for Holidays By Tim Povtak Senior NBA Writer Former New York Knicks captain Ray Williams was driving away last week in his faded, 1998 Chevy Tahoe, finally regaining possession again after it sat in the transmission repair shop for almost a year, waiting for him […]

The Onion Sports Network

On The Year In Basketball “I’m a Spurs fan, so every year looks sort of the same to me.” “I’ll take a shot in the dark and say Duke and the Lakers won. Is that right? Good thing I didn’t waste 1,000 hours watching that develop.” “It’s always frustrating for us fans in D.C. But […]

Week In Review: The Gallo Watch

GALLO versus Cavaliers shot chart 12.18.20 Gallo versus Heat shot chart 12.17.10 Gallo versus Celtics shot chart 12.15.10 Gallo versus Nuggets shot chart 12.12.10   Thoughts?  Analysis? Brilliant insight?

The New York Knicks The Denver Nuggets and the Future of Carmelo Anthony

Few teams in the NBA are intertwined like the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets. The uncertainty of Carmelo Anthony’s future has lead to much speculation about where and when he will land in his next destination. Could he surprise everyone, have a change of heart and sign the extension that Denver has had on […]

Titano ( Lebron ) Takes Over Superman (Amare) and his City.

The Pre-Crisis Titano first appeared in Superman #127 (February 1959). Originally named Toto, he was dubbed “one of the world’s most intelligent apes”. Rocketed into space, he and his ship were bombarded with radiation, which changed him into a giant ape with incredible strength and the ability to emit beams of Kryptonite radiation from his […]