With Barron Davis, Iman Shumpert, Mike Bibby and Jarried Jeffries all out for the next few games the Knicks need some Sparkon the bench. Nate Robinson was waved Dec 24TH by the Thunder..which means he’ll be cleared off waviers this week, is healthy andready to go. The Knicks can sign him to a 10 day […]

Knicksfanatics Blog Radio @ 7:30PM

Listen to Peaceman and Hassan lead the discussion about the Knicks’ victory over the Celtics. Listen to internet radio with KnicksFanaticsRadio on Blog Talk Radio

Knicks vs. Celtics (Game 1) Preview

Merry Knicksmas, fanatics! We are around 12 hours away from the biggest Knick game in a long time! It may not be playoff basketball but it’s the next best thing; Knicks vs. Celtics, New York vs. Boston, on opening day! There may be debate as to whether or not this is actually a rivalry but […]


Tomorrow at NOON our Knicks take on the Bean Town Green. My only request for Santa is that we CRUSH the Celtics!Please note Barron Davis has been suiting up. Hmmm I wonder just how bad his back was and indeed if that was more ploy than not .. to keep the teams not projected to do […]

Carmelo as the Distributor for the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony has a new role on his (relatively) new team: that of the distributor. On a roster starved of solid point guard play (at least until Baron Davis arrives), Carmelo is taking it upon himself to run and control the offense, making his teammates better in the process. This isn’t the first time the […]

Bargain Basement Buyouts for Knicks Holiday Shopaholics?

In addition to a report, that Kenyon Martin has reached a buyout agreement with the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association, another report indicates that the Pheonix Suns will release, Mickael Pietrus, after reaching a buyout agreement with the shooting guard. The buyouts of KMart and Pietrus  provides the Knicks another chance at […]

Hard Not To Get Excited About Baron Davis (Videos) After watching the point guards last night, it’s even harder not to get excited about the possibilities presented by the signing of Baron Davis.  Neither Douglas nor Shumpert are ready to run point on a regular basis.  It’s unfortunate because New York fans really like the hard working Douglas and Shumpert has become an […]

Knicks End Pre-season With 88-82 Win Over Nets (Video) Great LBE (Live Blogging Event) last night.  There was a big crowd in the LBE pub including Peaceman, O&B, Hassan, Lives, CiaranKF, Statesman, Post-up Prince, Brooklyn Jay Bee and Jersey Lucas.  CiaranKf supplied us with last night’s link for those unable to watch the game on television.  It was all the way live.   […]

Knicks vs. Nets (Pre-Season Game 2) Preview

In their second of two pre-season games, the Knicks will today take on the New Jersey Nets in their final outing before the big Christmas day game against the Boston Celtics. The game comes after a 9-point Knicks victory last time round, with Iman Shumpert and, surprisingly, Renaldo Balkman leading the way for New York. […]

Is There A Case For Keeping Mike D’Antoni?

Mike D’Antoni has been the subject of a lot of conversation since he became the head coach of the New York Knicks back in 2008. With his contract expiring in 2012, people are now starting to take it as a foregone conclusion that he will not return next season, even despite his recent success in […]

Can Baron Davis Prove The Knay-sayers Wrong and Be A Positive Force For The Knicks?

The New York Knicks have quite possibly ended their quest to find a starting point guard, with former Clippers and Cavaliers point guard Baron Davis committing to joining the team. The news comes just days after he was amnestied by the Cavs. Davis will reportedly sign a one-year $2.6 million deal and will likely start […]