Is The Knicks’ Bad Start J.R. Smith’s Fault (Poll?)

Is The Knicks’ Bad Start J.R. Smith’s Fault?   The Knicks are 1-3 and it is clear that the Knicks' defense or lack thereof is the major culprit.  However, with the injury to Tyson Chandler highlighting the Knicks' deficiencies to start the season, it is easy to wonder where the Knicks would be if J.R. […]

Tyson Down With Fractured Leg and Out 4-6 Weeks

There seems to be no news but bad news for the New York Knicks, In the first quarter of a humiliating loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, center Tyson Chandler fractured his right fibula in a collision with Kemba Walker, It is bad enough that the Knicks defense is already broken, but Chandler's injury threatens to […]

Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Charlotte Bobcats (@ 7:30pm)

Tonight the Fanatics will gather to watch, and hopefully enjoy, the Knicks' contest against the Charlotte Bobcats.  The Bobcats are 1-2, 4th in the Southeast Division.  They lost their last game to the Pelicans.  It was a butt whippin'. The Knicks are fortunate to play this team tonight and again Friday night.  It should be […]

Open Thread Night: Knicks Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Timberwolves (7:30pm)

Feel free to join the Fanatics tonight as we live blog the Knicks v. the  Minnesota Timberwolves (2-0) On Friday Kevin Love (24 points and 12 rebounds) and Ricky Rubio (14 points and 10 assists) dusted off the Westbrook-less OakCity Thunder easily, 100-81.  It should be a lot of fun to see how Prigiani, the […]

Basketball Lover Quickie: Bill Russell Statue Unveiled (pic)

Just caught this pic on Twitter.  Bill Russell statue being unveiled at Boston City Hall Plaza.  If any athlete deserves homage, this is the dude. Celtic loving on a Knicks blog? If I gotta explain this one, you don't know much about basketball and what brings out the best in competition.  Great competition.  Nor do […]

Metta Goes Metro, Takes F-Train To Garden To Meet Bucks (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Yeah, we've had true New Yorkers ball for the Knicks and we've had ballers from other towns become true New Yorkers by playing for the Knicks.  Still, there is nothing like a Knick acknowledging New York roots by hanging out with the rest of us and keeping it relatively […]

Knicks Fanatic Comment of The Week: We Got Some Noize Going On

The great thing about this blog is that we know our best BBall minds live in the comment section.  So every once in awhile we want to make sure to acknowledge that truth and elevate some nuggets of wisdom to the penthouse.   Today, we welcome back Paul Noize, a long time Knick Fanatic, who […]

Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Bulls (8:00pm)

Tonight the Knicks take on the Chicgao Bulls in the second game of the season,  And we are there, in front of our televisions and computers watching and discussing our guys as they slow down Derrick Rose, wear down Joakim Noah, get Jimmy Butler in foul trouble and muscle up on Carlos Boozer. Feel free […]

Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Bucks (7:30pm)

  Join the Fanatics tonight, before, during and after the season opening contest between the Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks to discuss the game and the season as it unfolds?  Do the Knicks have enough offensive fire power to stave off the Bucks?  Do they have the defensive prowess and consistency they will need to […]

Knicks Fanatic v. NBA GMs: Conference Predictions

The NBA recently released its 12th annual GM survey.  The NBA's 30 GMs answered 56 questions about the upcoming NBA season.  Among the predictions made by the GMs was which teams would win their respective divisions, conferences and the NBA Championship.  Tonight as the season begins, I take on the same questions the GMs answered […]

Knicks Preview Special — Predictions From The World Wide Web

We have traveled around the World Wide Web to find the best of the Knicks previews for your perusal and enjoyment.  We intend to present our view before the season starts, but it's interesting to see where all the analysts and experts — not all analysts are experts and not all experts analyze — think […]

Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Charlotte Bobcats (10/24 @ 7:30pm)

Join the Fanatics tonight, before, during and after the game to discuss the Knicks final pre-season game and the upcoming regular season.   Tonight the Knicks take on the Charlotte Bobcats.  For more about the Bobcats, check out the following links. Charlotte Bobcat Roster ESPN Bobcats Preview Pounding The Rock Blog Previews Bobcats KNICK NEWS […]