Celtics v. Lakers NBA Finals Preview with Guest Bloggers, With Malice, Celtics Town & Purple and Gold

Join the Knicks Fanatics Crew as we discuss the upcoming NBA Finals with Don from the Lakers indyblog “With Malice” and Ezra from the “Purple and Gold” Lakers indyblog will also join us. On the Celtic’s side we will have Jay from the “Celtics Town” indyblog. We’ll hope to touch topics that relate to our beloved Knicks as we ask these three gentlebloggers about the respective teams they cover and what observations about building those current championship contenders might the Knicks want to take notes of in rebuilding the Franchise on the eve of 2010. We’ll also discuss both bloggers takes on the classic Lakers v. Celtics historic rivalry and what matchups will be key to the series. Lastly we’ll ask for predictions. Aaron and myself hope to facilitate a non-hostile exchange between our fellow indy blog brothers.