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Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Wizards (@ 7:00pm)

  The Knicks (3-8) loss to the Pacers was very promising.  It was the best defensive basketball they've played for four consecutive quarters in the same game this season.  Please note that Beno Udrih started at point guard and Raymond Felton was on the bench.  Hurray.  

Knicks & Nets Plan To Win Now Backfiring

The NBA season is young.  Teams need time to find their stride.  Whatever it may be the Eastern Conference in the NBA (outside of Miami) is looking slow and old.  The Western Conference however is thriving. It feels like a turkey overstuffed.  Not with stuffing but with talent.  Like that the Portland Trail Blazers can […]

Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Detroit Pistons (7:30pm)

  Chris Smith is gone to the D-League, but J.R. Smith may still want to defend his brother's honor against Pistons' point guard Brandon Jennings.  It is unlikely that the mercurial, and often immature J.R. Smith will say anything beyond a tweet or a twerp to Jennings, after he was hit with a $25,000 fine […]

Open Thread Night: Fanatics Live Blog Knicks v. Houston Rockets (8pm)

  Let's Do This.  By this I mean get a win. By the way, an ESPN commentator say Knicks were foolish to let Lin walk for nothing. Do you agree?  Last night he had 34 points and 12 assists.  He should be too tired to give our guy Felton much trouble.  Don't you think?