Knicks Extend Streak To 4 Wins; Kick Hornets In Bee Hive 113-96

Knicks 113, Hornets 96 Recap Box Score Play-By-Play Shot Chart Photos Conversation 1 2 3 4 T NYK (8-15) 21 32 28 32 113 NOR (10-12) 30 32 17 17 96 “I guess it was our time. We’ve been through the shooting woes.” — Al Harrington “When you feel good about yourselves and things are […]

Knicks Fanatics Hot Links for 12/10/09

Let’s see, what’s hot this morning. After four seasons, and despite their losing ways, the Knicks are no longer the most valuable NBA team according to Forbes — that honor belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers.  Poor Jim and the winning culture at MSG. Neither Eddie Curry’s knee nor head are swollen at this point.  […]

Impressive Knicks Roll Over Blazers For 3rd Straight Win

Trail Blazers 84, Knicks 93 Recap Box Score Play-By-Play Shot Chart Conversation 1 2 3 4 T POR (13-9) 18 20 17 29 84 NYK (7-15) 18 31 29 15 93 “Once you start playing and winning and having hope, a lot of this is psychological. They just have a better feeling about themselves and […]

BlogPoll NBA Power Rankings: Edition 3

Via Bloguin Through out the year, we’ll ask our esteemed Bloguin Basketball blogs to vote on the NBA from top to bottom. A bit more than a month into the NBA season, things are starting to shake out in the standings a little bit.  Here is what the Bloguin NBA Bloggers had to say… Bloguin […]

Bloguin MVP and ROY Rankings Are Out

Don at With Malice has taken the lead once again in pulling Bloguin’s 22 NBA Blogs together to share some b-ball knowledge.  This time the result is this season’s first Most Valuable Player (MVP)/Rookie of the Year (ROY) poll.  According to the collective Bloguin brain trust, Kobe Bryant is the MVP frontrunner and Brandon Jennings […]

The High Five: Trading Questions With Bust A Bucket’s Sheed

Now this is exciting. Tonight Sheed of Bust A Bucket has agreed to come by the Fanatic Penthouse during tonight’s live blog and share in some libations and lively conversation about everything Knicks and Blazers.  If you don’t know, Bust A Bucket is one of the best b-ball blogs on the Bloguin network and beyond. […]

LBE Tonight: Knicks Battle Blazers

SPECIAL GUESTS: BUST A BUCKET JOINS US TO BUST SOME NBA KNOWLEDGE TONIGHT <a href=”″ mce_href=”″ >Knicks Battle Blazers: Special LBE Guests — Bust A Bucket</a> BallHype – LBE Tonight: Knicks Battle Blazers


Knicks 114, Hawks 107 Recap Box Score Play-By-Play Shot Chart Photos Conversation 1 2 3 4 T NYK (5-15) 35 29 19 31 114 ATL (13-6) 34 17 33 23 107 “We’re starting to play a little bit better. When Josh Smith got thrown out of the game, it was big for us because he […]

Should We Feel Sorry For Mike D’Antoni?

Since Mike D’Antoni arrived in New York under the hoopla of a new regime and the joy from discarding an old one, the wry smile that had cut across his face has faded, it seems, to become just one more stress wrinkle among many new ones.  His hair, once handsome, now often looks disheveled and […]

Game Day Links: Knicks v. Orlando Magic

The following links should help you prep for the game, although you might be thinking like me: if my team is not going to prep for the game, why should I?  Such a cynic. The Magic held off Brandon Jennings and the Bucks (100-98) last night so maybe they are tired, road weary, tonight.  You […]