Cavaliers the highest price game for Knicks tickets this year

The New York Knicks were a bit of a disappointment a year ago, but with Phil Jackson taking over roster management and the team in a new direction, hope is on the horizon. Carmelo Anthony is also locked down for the foreseeable future, giving the Knicks a real shot at chasing down a title once they can transform their personnel.

For the 2014-15 season, it’s mostly about simply getting better and nailing down Jackson’s Triangle Offense. It may not lead to a title right away, but it will be more than enough to cheer for and could possibly get the Knicks back to the playoffs.

Let’s break down New York’s path back to post-season play by analyzing their top five most in-demand games based on the average price for Knicks tickets this season, with all ticket data provided by

(12/4/14) VS. Cleveland Cavaliers | Average Ticket Price: $544.87 | Get-In Ticket Price: $153

Knicks tickets are understandably at their highest this year when King James comes to Madison Square Garden. This early December battle showcases that LeBron vs. Melo one on one battle we all love, while also serving as a nice early season measuring stick for the Knicks.

(2/22/15) VS. Cleveland Cavaliers | Average Ticket Price: $493.98 | Get-In Ticket Price: $132

Meeting #2 with the Cavs in New York comes in late February and offers fans a little bit cheaper option as Knicks vs. Cavs tickets have an average price below $500. New York still probably won’t have the firepower needed to win this one, but they’ll at least give the Cavs a good fight on their home floor.

(12/25/14) VS. Washington Wizards | Average Ticket Price: $428.46 | Get-In Ticket Price: $130

Paul Pierce returns to Madison Square Garden, but this time with a new team. Pierce has had many solid games at one of the most popular NBA venues and he’ll try to put together another strong performance as he matches up with Melo on the road. Melo will have his own ideas, though, as the Knicks try to battle back against a suddenly more talented Wiz squad.

(10/29/14) VS. Chicago Bulls | Average Ticket Price: $413.49 | Get-In Ticket Price: $140

New York’s season opener surprisingly hangs in as their fourth most expensive game of the year at home, as Derrick Rose and the defensive-minded Bulls help get the season started. Melo and co. will want to earn the upset to repay their passionate home crowd, but they’ll have their hands full if the old D-Rose shows up in this one.

(2/1/15) VS. Los Angeles Lakers | Average Ticket Price: $371.92 | Get-In Ticket Price: $90

The Black Mamba comes to Madison Square Garden in early February to continue that classic Knicks/Lakers rivalry. Neither of these teams are what they’ve been in the past, but Spike Lee will be ready to shell out taunts in what should be a heated clash. At an average price of $371.92, it’s only the fifth most expensive game for Knicks tickets but is certainly in the top 5% of most expensive games this year for any NBA tickets of all thirty teams.