Knicks look to start 2015 strong – a look at the week ahead

The New York Knicks have had a rough start to the 2014-15 NBA season, starting a paltry 5-28. Rookie head coach Derek Fisher suggested before the season started that the team could struggle in their transition into Phil Jackson’s Triangle Offense, but no one could have predicted the Knicks would be among the league’s worst teams.

Things have gotten so badly lately that Carmelo Anthony (knee) has considered shutting things down for an extended period of time. As bad as it’s gotten, though, Melo hasn’t yet made that move and has said numerous times that he both doesn’t want a trade out of town and wouldn’t want to take a significant break to rest until he can help the Knicks start to turn their season around.

It’s slowly getting to the point where it’s almost too late to salvage the season, but with the New Year arriving, there is some hope the Knicks could finally start to show signs of life. Let’s take a look at their first week of the 2015 part of the season and see how things might shake out, while also breaking down the value of New York Knicks tickets, according to

1/2/15 – vs. Detroit Pistons | Avg: $421.89 | Get-in: $108 | On-Demand NYC Parking

Knicks tickets aren’t cheap to get 2015 started, as fans will have to pay to get inside Madison Square Garden to watch Melo and co. take on the Pistons. Detroit has looked much more cohesive ever since they cut ties with Josh Smith, while these teams continue to duke it out for one of the worst records in the East. That’s not a title anyone really wants (although it helps to land a top draft pick), so we can probably expect a tightly contested matchup.

1/4/15 – vs. Milwaukee Bucks | Avg: $192.45 | Get-in: $46 | New York City Parking

New York gets a second straight home game to get the new year rolling, yet it’s significantly cheaper than their season average ($222), and also drops way down from the Detroit game. This isn’t exactly an easy matchup with the Bucks right around .500, but it’s a game the Knicks can win. If they top the Pistons and edge out the Bucks, they’ll be able to start 2015 with two straight wins.

1/5/15 – @ Memphis Grizzlies | Avg: $75.46 | Get-in: $6

Keeping their winning streak going could prove to be next to impossible on January 5th, when the Knicks travel to Memphis to take on the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have a smoldering defense that should give New York’s offense fits, while the Grizz also are a ridiculous 13-4 at home. That’ll give New York a tough uphill battle, but the good news is Knicks tickets are dirt cheap at just over $75 on average and $6 to get in the door.

1/7/15 – @ Washington Wizards | Avg: $86.69 | Get-in: $18

Knicks tickets offer up more killer value two days later when they head to D.C. to take on John Wall and the Wiz. It’s another brutal matchup, especially given the fact that Washington is a tough team at home (14-4). Carmelo Anthony will have to be on top of his game when he goes toe to toe with Paul Pierce if the Knicks want a real shot at ending the first week of 2015 with a win.