Lebron’s visit to MSG the most expensive Knicks ticket in February

It’s no secret to anyone that the New York Knicks have been struggling this season. New York has one of the worst records in the league and could be counting the days until their star player, Carmelo Anthony, shuts down for the rest of the year with a knee injury.

While it’s been bad, the Knicks have hopes for a bright future and Melo has purposely stuck around to help New York build positive momentum for next year. Despite working with pedestrian talents like Langston Galloway, Louis Amundson and Jason Smith, there has been visible progress over the past few weeks. In addition, Anthony is still available to play and the Knicks will still be working to get better for the 2015-15 NBA season.

With Melo still giving it his all, there is still value to be had in Knicks tickets, according to Razorgator.com. Melo will shut things down eventually, so New York fans need to jump on the chance to see him live. Let’s take a look at the best opportunities to do just that as we break down New York’s cheapest and most expensive home games for this month:

Most Expensive – 2/22/2015 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers | Avg: $345.10 | Get-in: $101 | NYC Parking $10

This will be the last Melo vs. LeBron James battle we see this year and Knicks fans get to see it at Madison Square Garden. The two teams split two close games earlier in the year and taking this series would help lessen the sting of not making the playoffs.

Cleveland is currently piecing their season together and could be a lot to handle when they come into town in late February. Knicks fans can appreciate that classic Melo/LeBron showdown and hope for a win, but a lack of talent in the supporting cast could ultimately make that difficult.

Cheapest – 2/28/2015 vs. Toronto Raptors | Avg: $178.64 | Get-in: $39 | NYC Parking $10

Knicks tickets drop way down against Toronto, as they’re just $2 above their season average. The Raptors are one of the better teams out East, too, so this ends up being a considerable discount for Toronto fans, plus it’s not too far of a hike from Canada. The Raptors are 33-17 on the year, leading the Atlantic Division and sitting near the top of the conference. Their 15-8 road record is strong and they won’t be intimidated to play at the Garden. The NBA playoffs don’t start until June but we have the Kentucky Derby in May to keep us busy until then.

Toronto is obviously the better team on paper at this point, but this could potentially be Melo’s swan song for the 2015 portion of the season. He’s may shut it down eventually, but it’d be nice for it to be in a win at home. That could be the case in this solid value buy against the Raptors.